Handicraft Products

The handmade products are well received on the Internet for their unique and individual character. It seems that sometimes valued more netizens quality and exclusive products not their low economic price. This trend can be seen in the sale of Handicraft Products through online stores. These items have the great advantage that can only be found in specialty stores and very few of these products can only be purchased online. If there are similar products that are easily encontrasen the buyer would have little reason to shop online. Here lies the success of these articles online, how much more original and special they are, will be more attractive for the online buyer.


Artisanal products sold online are usually for home decoration, we also find online stores that sell children’s toys or handmade jewelry among others. Though more expensive than industrially manufactured products, the online buyer is willing to pay more if you notice a difference in quality. Everybody knows that handmade products are always unique and limited production makes noticeably more expensive pieces. The quality, design and effort are pagan, but buyers take home an inimitable, unique style and its own product.

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Tips for choosing clothes to give on Father’s Day

Each year, held the third Sunday of June one of the most special days for dads everywhere: the Father’s Day. It is true that the love is not demonstrated with money, but with a nice gift is a way to tell our loved ones that we remember much of it and that is a very important person in our life.

One of the gifts that most often do on this day is clothing.

Happy Father’s Day

Going to fashion is a good resource, as we know well their tastes and acertaremos full. Besides, it sure does not come over to have a new shirt or a new pair of pants to match with your clothes closet.

Choose the gift by style

Prior to adventure and buy the first thing you see, it’s important to stop and think on your own style. If your dad is a classic man or a man of more modern tastes, will be an indication to take into account when choosing your Personalized Gifts.

So if you like to dress more elegantly, sure you hit with a shirt and tie. Docker’s type pants are also an excellent idea. For something more casual, a plaid shirt and a leather jacket. Whatever your choice, never forget to look at the quality of the fabric. Yet they are of recognized brand clothes may have manufacturing defects. Note that no unstitched seams, loose buttons, zippers or defective holes or stains.

Visit several stores and compare

Think of one store to another can be a significant variation value. One of the tips Julio Fonseca personal shopper is that before you make your choice, investigate other establishments to see if they have the same cheapest garment, clothes or just better quality at a lower price. That means you have to mark on your calendar a few days to find the perfect Corporate Gift Items for your dad, do not leave it to the last day.

Is accompanied

Unless you have very clear what you’re buying, it is always better to be accompanied by another person to give us another point of view. If you do better with your mom, then who better than she knows your father? In addition, certain that all their carvings, one of the problems that arise when buying clothes for someone else is known.

Advantage of hot soups in winter and delicious soup recipes

Hot and Sour Soup is best had in winter. It was spicy and need to eat very hot along with some bread rolls. The soup is also very healthy as it is full of vegetables. Heat oil in heavy saucepan and add three pods of garlic and make it brown. Remove this session to another bowl and reserve. In the same pan add the pepper powder and cleaned and finely chopped cabbage, carrots, beans and mushrooms. The vegetables should be thinly sliced. Saut this eleven fifty, until crisp.

This adds six cups of water and brings to boil. When the water starts boiling add a teaspoon of white vinegar, a teaspoon of soy sauce and crushed fresh red chilies. Also add the fried garlic. Cook for five minutes.

In a separate bowl add three to four tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with half a cup of water and add to soup. This will make the soup thickens. Keep stirring. Add salt to taste and a pinch of Ajinomoto. Serve hot.


If you like mushrooms, this is the best soup for you. It is easy to make and delicious to eat. To make the mushroom soup and a package of mushrooms stalks and keep separate the cups aside. Heat olive oil in a pan and add grated onion and cook until it turns pink and then add the mushroom stems and fry for two minutes.

Add five cups of water and two cubes of chicken or vegetable bouillon cubes and cook until stems are soft. Slice the remaining mushrooms into large chunks and add to the soup. Continue cooking until the mushrooms are tender. In a bowl mix one cup of milk with a teaspoon of separate cornstarch and add to the soup. Cook until thickened. Add salt, pepper and ajinomoto to taste. Just before serving add the chopped parsley over the mushroom soup. If any of the soup has become too thick you can add a little boiling water to them just before serving in a Soup Bowl. You can also skip the Ajinomoto, if you want.

Buy your Christmas presents without getting full of debts

Christmas is coming, and even though you’re super red, definitely will not pass on family celebrations without distributing some goodies. If your situation is more complicated than usual, already thinking about this subject should awaken that little headache for concern.

So you do not finish the year with a huge debt and not knowing what to do to start paying your bills, worth some tips for a cheaper Christmas!


Before you go shopping, think of all the people you should meet at family gatherings and list those you intend to gift. That done, stipulating a maximum amount you want to spend on each gift. That way you’ve left home knowing how much you will spend. If the account is higher than you expected, reassess the established values ​​and reduce the value of the gifts.


If you need to give children, ideally prioritize higher values ​​for them, considering that the toys are usually the ones that weigh in the final bill of gifts. For adults – who are old enough to understand the financial straits of life maturity – try to buy souvenirs. But inexpensive Personalized Gifts that match the profile of the person may appeal more than others that would cost a fortune. Opt for souvenirs also allow you to pay in cash and avoid compromise with more debt next year.


No need to even talk how annoying are those corridors of shopping districts and shopping malls crowded with people, the grip to switch to bags, unbearable to the path of return (off trouble finding parking!) And transit to make matters worse, the rainy weather.

To get rid of this journey, many people end up making purchases hastily and spending more than you should. This year, try buying your gifts with more advances, so you reduce the wear and can find prices and products more calmly.

Also search the internet; you can get good prices and even some deals that discount the price of shipping. Also remember to do this research in advance in order that the order may take a little longer to arrive at your home.

Be objective. Have your gift list in hand, how much you want to spend on each person and the target does not get a huge debt in light of the parties. Remember that Corporate Gift Items are only part of the cost of end of year, still have Supper, traveling, new year’s eve … If you have small children or teenagers super shoppers, it is best that they stay home at the time of purchase!

Few tips for buying things for Christmas

Compare prices. It’s best to make a shopping list, visit several shops and take note of the prices. There is a wide range of prices between different brands and can achieve considerable savings.

To prevent the rise in food prices we can advance purchases and freeze. Prices increase almost constantly since mid-November and the rise is accelerated after the bridge of the Constitution.

Read the labels of foods carefully. Look at the list of ingredients and nutritional information. “Sugar” does not mean “calorie” and sometimes very similar in composition puden products have very different prices.

Study offers. In recent months cheapest “luxury” products appear. Beware! The low price does not respond to great deals but they are products of different origin. This is the case of Japanese oysters or Moroccan pecebes, cheaper versions of luxury foods.

We can make homemade Corporate Gift Items. With imagination and we make time for ourselves made ​​gifts like wooden box, jewellery box, decorative cups etc.


All family members can collaborate and agree to share costs. The dinners and lunches each can contribute something: fittings, drinks, desserts, etc…

Give sharing expenses . For example, several family members can agree to make the smallest common Personalized Gifts of the house or play games such as ‘Secret Santa’ where a single gift to the person in which we randomly ago and agreed to limit spending.

Go out and have fun can be cheap. Board games, karaoke at home, walks or a picnic in the bush or the beach can be a fun and inexpensive way to share with friends or family choice.

With imagination and desire we can make our own Christmas ornaments. How? Old balls lining fabrics with new wires close with bags of bread, going gold or silver leaves, pine cones, twigs or cookies or making shapes with wires, ribbons or fabrics.

Coffee fans spoiled for choice: coffee maker or coffee machine?

Who wants to enjoy his coffee to the fullest, who knows the importance of its preparation? These coffee fans have a choice between conventional coffee maker and sophisticated coffee machines. Besides, there are also still the possibilities to brew coffee with a filter fresh or to use a pad machine. With so many options to choose for the right way of preparation is not always easy. There could be a coffee machine test to help you.

Coffee machines and their benefits

Who sometimes only drinks coffee at home, the best advice usually with a coffee maker? It is cheap to buy and maintain, since this ground coffee at the grocery store or a retail store can be purchased and used. However, a coffee maker prepares to only regular coffee and can no other coffee specialties produce, as it is possible with a fully automatic coffee machine or a coffee pod machine. With the conventional coffee but large amounts of coffee are cooked within a short time, which is important especially at parties and coffee rounds with friends. To enhance the enjoyment of coffee from a coffee maker yet, the coffee beans are freshly ground before cooking in a coffee mill. Thus, the flavor is more intense.


Benefits of fully automatic coffee machines

Frequently, coffee machines as a luxury item referred to. They are all-rounder and put next to a simple coffee and various coffee specialties such as latte macchiato, cappuccino or espresso ago. In a fully automatic coffee whole coffee beans are loaded, freshly milled before brewing the coffee. In a special container is also poured desired milk. It is, for example, for Latte Macchiato with the traditional milk froth required. In maintenance are fully automatic coffee machines barely more expensive than a coffee maker in the purchase of the purchase price falls, however, much higher. Who much coffee or various types of coffee drinks regularly, for a purchase worthwhile, however, definitely. The significantly more intense taste of the coffee convinced every passionate coffee drinker after the first sip. As a guideline, if it’s worth buying a fully automatic coffee machine, three Coffee Mugs consumption per day.

A Conclusion

For drinker of coffee beans is the purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine calculation does not make sense and a coffee maker the better alternative. But who wants to enjoy his coffee at home every day, which takes place in a fully automatic coffee machine a good investment in the coffee.

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5 Rules to Set the Table

1 – Tablecloths

These must be perfectly clean both the table and the individual. The table covers should hang 10 to 15 inches for informal occasions, and between 20 and 25 cm for formal. Placemats that will define the space each person to eat. Be sure to give at least 50 cm each covered.

2 – Napkins

For formal occasions recommended that measure more than 50 inches square, folded and placed on the plate or in the cup, to taste. They can also be rolled to the left, next to the fork.

3 – Dishes

The arrangement of these depends largely on what you are going to serve. If no soup or salad, no need to put the dish they deserve. The first thing is to place the base plate, which will be the main course with garnish or not. You must put it right in the middle. You can put the soup, as this is removed when you finish eating. At the left side go salad plate, fork and can put up a dish pan. On the right side, go dish for coffee or tea.


 4 – The glasses and cups

This also depends on what you’re serving. If you will not provide alcoholic beverages or coffee, no need to put glasses or Coffee Mugs. They always go on the right side, above the knives. The water goes to the far left, followed by the glass for juice (for breakfast) and glass of wine, or liquor to go to eat. Make sure that if there are several drinks, for example one for food and another for toast, two cups are different so the flavors do not mix.

5 – Covered

These must be separated from the edge of the table at least 3 cm. The knives are always right and forks to the left. If soup spoon should go to the right of the knife. Covered for dessert goes up, the holder pointing to the right and above it the spoon facing left.

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Is getting married in the winter and do not know what to serve? See our tips!

We set up a very special menu for you who are getting married in the winter. The dishes and hot spices are ideal for low temperatures. And to not miss the party worth betting on that tip.

Some basic items are well-aimed to warm the guests, like pasta, risottos and fondues. In order to make the menu more hot, red meats are the most suitable. Because they have higher protein and fat make the digestion is longer while maintaining the heated body longer. The more spicy preparations also provide a feeling of warmth.

Of all the dishes, in a Soup Bowls the soup is undoubtedly the one that causes affection and warmth. The islands are very frequent in the morning, a space that offers some sort of reinforcement who drank, danced and did not eat much. The tip is broths and soups of various kinds. These islands can also be part of the input, both as soups and fondue cheeses.


Time to discard some of the menu items, avoid dishes served cold or icy, like salads in general (choose only one type).

Alcoholic beverages are reputed to warm the body. If the drinks menu has chosen drinks that have ice, it is best to invest in those produced with strong drinks like whiskey or tequila. Are also welcome to warm up drinks that take pepper in their preparation. It is not necessary to discard the beer, because even in the winter, a few beers fall well to be more full-bodied, like the Belgians and the Dutch.

To help further warming party, a tasting of aged beverages, which are stronger, as brandy, rum quality can be offered. And of course, the classic red wine, white wine and champagne may continue on the menu.

At dessert time, mix chocolate, oilseeds and alcohol are the most fit the season. The winter of more desire to eat chocolate because fat sweet heat up more. Walnuts and chestnuts are the most recommended, because perform this function in a healthy way, by having fat as well. Moreover, with sweet alcoholic drinks are strong and hot.

And on the table, the suggestion is the fondue, but this time, chocolate with fruit. In addition to warm and practical, can stay on an island in the morning next to the salty combinations. Crepes, pastries and hot chocolate or soup of red fruits are also great options.

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How to Serve Soup

Serve and eat the soup properly can become an ordeal for those who know some small good education standards. We present all the rules for that mistake ever when making soup.

The soup can be served in two ways:

– When served together, put in a tureen and

– When a person is served individually, served in a Soup Bowls, bowl or bowl. This also serves on families, especially for children and unwell people.

When we go to serve several people, we will put the soup in a tureen that each diner will be served.

As to how to eat soup should be taken slowly with spoon. Never lift the bowl or plate to finish until the end. Not to mention quietly sipping the broth…


We must take the soup slowly, with no sign of being ‘starved’. You have to eat once everything is in the spoon and just return it to the dish. For this does not fill the bucket too so we will not be forced to greatly open your mouth or take twice. In addition we could splash the tablecloth, other diners, finally, slowly.

Incline your body just a little to make the soup but only slightly. No way, we agacharemos to the plate or we will draw too much tongue. All discreetly and with good body but not overly stretched.

If it is very hot, do not blow a soup, spod wait to make you more warm, Removing soft and discreetly.

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Secrets of the Coffee House

The secret of a good mix

Recommended by the experts Coffee House dosage is about 45g of coffee per liter of water, a teaspoon more or less curved, depending on the desired strength of your coffee. Little More: For 6 cups prepared in an electric coffee maker, add a spoonful of coffee and more “for the coffee.” Beyond 6 Coffee Mugs, it is no longer necessary to add that extra dose; contact time between the water and the coffee is naturally longer and increases the strength of the coffee. And you, how to measure out- you?

The secret of good water

Water makes up about 98% of our coffee, quality is important. Allow your sink faucet about 30 seconds before filling your coffee so that water is the most oxygen possible. Water should be as fresh and pure as possible, or too much chlorine or too limestone. If your tap water does not meet these criteria, you should choose a natural mineral water or spring water. However, avoid using too much mineral water that would alter the taste of your coffee. The water in your coffee should not be boiling but “trembling” at the time of preparation. Go under cool water filter paper, placed in the filter of your coffee maker, to further enhance the aromatic quality of your product. And you, how do you prepare?


The secret of a good service

No true coffee lovers not leave propose a heated or left too long on the hot plate of the coffee maker. Coffee should indeed be used as quickly as possible (ideally half an hour after preparation) under penalty of too much loss of precious aromas. Experts and real connoisseurs often drink their coffee without sugar in order to ‘appreciate all the aromatic subtlety. Temperature of the cup is also important. You can preheat your cups by putting them on top of your coffee. Avoid metal cups or silver, which can give a strange taste in coffee. Ideally, use a cup stoneware, earthenware or porcelain. Finally, to provide a quality coffee, do not forget to homogenize your coffee in the carafe stirring gently before serving. By mixing your coffee and you’ll avoid having differences in intensity and aroma between the first and last cups made. And you, how do you serve?

The secret of a good conservation

Keep you’re started in a sealed box with its original sealed packaging package. A box of plastic which does not alter the taste of the coffee is great. Place it in the refrigerator then: He can keep a maximum of aromas for 2 to 3 weeks. And you, how do you keep?

The last secret of a good coffee

To prepare an espresso, make sure to choose a cup with a small diameter. This will allow the cream to better train and take longer. For coffee plungers, do not forget to choose a coffee with a fairly coarse grind to avoid having too much coffee in your cup. The coffee must be kept clean. To clean, avoid using household products that introduce foreign tastes with flavors of your coffee. And now that you have become an expert with the secrets of Coffee House, enjoy your coffee without waiting!

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