Keeping Your Home Cooked

All the dishes we cook at home are likely stored in the refrigerator if it is at the right temperature, 2nd or 3rd in its coldest and continue a correct technique.

If the dish is delicate and more perishable last less and must be before consuming it, whereas if it lasts considerably tougher.

Knowing preserve, much simplify our lives to be able to cook several servings at once, and this is the only solution to have lunch or dinner at home, know what we eat, the fat and the guy who takes, and how it was handled and cooked.

Many may not care to learn much more comfortable because they are always eating out, whatever it is, and the industry either. But if you want to keep you in the correct weight and not get fat , eating on the street will be very difficult, unless limitéis a salad dressed by yourself when you serve it as a fish or grilled meat with trimmings “no dangerous. “


Even this grilled food can sit badly because the oil used is not right, because even if our wonderful virgin olive oil has been heated to a temperature too high and started to polymerize, or because the iron that day has been used a lot and there are remains and greasy scorched. And fittings, whether or not chips, can be sautéed or grilled vegetables, cooked with too much oil.

However, there are already certain restaurants that offer low calorie menus, even specifying the same, something very commendable and worthy of copying.

Suppose we make several servings of a dish, lentils, and beans, stew … so they can be taken later and have a proper assortment of Tupperware, of which we’ll discuss in another post and a good fridge or freezer.

How should we handle them for several days when stored in perfect condition?

1. As the pot super fast, and today one can not imagine a modern kitchen without it being opened because its valve or pressure regulator has fallen by its own weight, never forcing, we will open the pot and see that inside the food is still cooking.

2. We will have already chosen a round preferably with adequate capacity, i.e. with room for two servings e.g. if two people always eat.

3. With a ladle or a kitchen ladle will draw these two portions that we will retain and capsize as is, boiling which must be completely filled, covering it immediately. Then the cap will rise slightly first, or if you bring your tongue to expel the small amount of air that has been inside with what we practically a vacuum.


4. Take this to a window, terrace, balcony or garden that is cool. If it is hot because it’s summer put it in ice water to cool more quickly because food or must be heated several times and must remain hot for a long time.

5. As this is at room temperature keep in the fridge in the coldest area, 2nd or 3rd as is, without opening it . If the refrigerator remains at that temperature almost constant, because it is not continuously opening the food remain intact with all its properties and depending on their content of sensitivity will keep 2 or 3 days or over a week.

will see that with cold lid sags a little in the center, i.e. acquires a concave shape , which indicates precisely that inside has become a kind of vacuum.

6. When will be eating out of the fridge, pour it into two dishes that are to be put on the table because they are two servings, cover each dish with a glass lid if it has the same diameter or higher, or with a Soup Bowls of the same size but reversed, but is rather uncomfortable, and heat 4 to 5 minutes in a microwave always a small power, 300 or 350 watts.

If after that time the dish is not hot in the center, putting his hand under, heat back to the same power 1 to 2 minutes.

7. If you have a hurry and want to run and what calentáis at full power, the outcome will not like it and go on “hating” the microwave. Food will know recalentad to, whereas if you do it correctly will be “regenerated food” as the French say.

If you follow all these steps, one after another, not to skip even one without stand between them, your dishes may duraros more than 8 days in perfect condition.

If for any reason you spare a portion of it is, do not let it roll on the table or in the kitchen for several hours, or even one. Keep it in the fridge and try to consume as soon as possible because they do not offer the same guarantees that if the packaging hubierais just after cooking, as I have explained.

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