The Importance of Coffee Cupping

On one occasion I met a coffee farmer friend of mine, who came to negotiate their coffee with a locally exporter, had just completed a negotiation is not very satisfying for him, as his coffee, harvested and processed well, had been valued the same obviously bad form another trial for his dirty appearance and its bad smell, These terms are used by the producer to assess it your coffee, appearance, odor and color, but what about the taste?

I have assured my friend that the Coffee Mugs had a top quality cleaning and selection. My question to him was in. That sense, but you know the quality of your coffee cup? The answer was no.

For decades they have been denied the right coffee producers of knowledge in relation to sensory evaluation of product quality, limited this right to the exporter and buyer. The producer Creates wealth, but poverty Administered, Often due to ignorance of the quality it produces.


When you know the virtues or defects of the product is a complete, correct perspective and a clear path to commercialization.

Knowledge is power, Therefore, it is Necessary that the producer has the knowledge at your fingertips knowledge- what do I mean?? The producer must know two basic things: the quality of Their Own coffee and quality That Consumers want.

This knowledge is not limited to the local market works -internationally as well. Any company that is geared to the marketing of coffee should be clear that the sensory evaluation of the product, Known as cupping, is vital for success. Any negotiation of coffee starts with a sample type. This exhibition is the letter of the company, cooperative or producer himself speaks better than a thousand words, is to awaken the interest of the buyer.

In the coffee cupping EVALUATED the intensity and quality of the Attributes That make the drink , aroma , body , acidity , flavor and taste persistence or end , and These are related to crop height over sea level , climatic factors , management of the plantation , botanical species and variety , soil type and type of process . These attributes are rated on numerical scales adjectives while described by illustrating their qualities or deficiencies, Malthus Obtaining CUP PROFILE.

To do this, prepare a portion of the sample and proceeds to taste it in the cup. Placed 14 grams of roast and ground coffee in an infusion of 150 ml of water for 3 minutes, without adding sugar, testing the contents with a spoon. To know the quality of our product we make an objective assessment of it, therefore, it is Necessary to have the equipment, logistics and protocol suitable for this purpose. All this we can gather in one place to call cupping lab.

Currently, the cupping lab is the essential ingredient for the successful producer in the coffee business. It is the laboratory where important decisions are taken. The coffee evaluator, who is called the taster, Should translate into a report, physical characteristics, and coffee roasting, the product analyzed.

A producer is entitled to receive a written report describing that the Characteristics of your coffee and taster Commitment educate producers on the art of tasting and the best techniques and quality control processing.

By knowing the profile of our coffee cup will we know that we can direct market for higher profits.

Coffee consumption in the world is related to the tastes and preferences of the market. In short, are the qualities revealed in the coffee cup and subjected to gustatory and olfactory senses, que decided the quality and value of coffee. Buyers request a sample for inspection and the quality fully meets Verify Their Requirements and determines the price.

From the above we can Conclude That There is interdependence between the product price and quality. DESPITE market volatility and the changes it Brings, product quality is always the most powerful tool for negotiating prices and Differentials and HENCE The Importance of knowing the quality of coffee we produce.

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