The Importance of Coffee with Friends

On the benefits of coffee have written extensively. Although for years the poor coffee Accused be harmful to health , a community of scientists , medical professionals and the people Themselves came to the defense of the maligned superhero That makes possible all our tomorrows . That was found coffee in moderation is not only good to start the day, but a very strong ally against heart disease. People who drink one to three coffees in Coffee Mugs are less likely to suffer a heart attack, thanks to special antioxidants in coffee beans.

These are the same antioxidants help That Regulate the sensitivity of our cells to insulin , que Helps balance blood sugar and controlling diabetes. In Addition, it is recommended to reduce the risk of depression , agility Improve brain and help Prevent some types of cancer , : such as prostate cancer , skin cancer and breasts . Why drink coffee with our friends always necessary? But beyond the immediate benefits, coffee is Necessary in a much more essential.


Out for coffee with our friends Soul gives us a sense of well being and relaxation you need to lead a full life. This is an exercise that many forget to practice with of life, the routine of work and Obligations. As social beings , humans must learn to Establish and Maintain healthy relationships staff Maintain That help us our emotional balance and strength even in the Most Difficult Times . The relationships between friends, give us a break or very different support we provide our partners or family. Moreover, something special happens When We drink coffee with friends where we begin to open up more and to reflect on the history and the future of our lives. We Exchanged views and we advise each other. It’s the perfect opportunity to grow, help and be on our way with renewed vigor.

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