Coffee is an important part of our lives. Many of the meetings between friends, family or work colleagues have a Coffee Mugs as an excuse. It can be taken hot or cold, in small doses or long glasses. One attraction of coffee is that there’s something for everyone, so it is very easy to have always near.

Some ask for black coffee, others prefer cut or with a little milk. The gourmands prefer the style chocolate, condensed milk or syrups of different flavors. If the heat is, are the delicious varieties of iced coffee or iced. If it’s winter, there’s always one who clings to his coffee, waiting not only enjoy the taste and aroma, but also heat from. In other countries, the coffee culture is not much different than the one we live daily. However, some have adopted names for coffee or ‘coffee’ brought from another culture. The Americans or the British, for example, rarely ask a simple “black coffee”. To them, coffee has only one name: espresso. The more daring opt for the ristretto, which is taken half an espresso. That is, pump caffeine, which is the strongest part of the coffee and ensures you have the batteries charged all day. This habit of asking the Italian coffee is also becoming popular. We are increasingly adherents to savor a cappuccino instead ordered a latte. As the saying goes: to each her ​​own.


The coffee is always a good excuse to make a break

There are many good reasons to enjoy a good coffee. One of the most attractive is take advantage of the coffee break or coffee break, to have a fun and good company, ideally in cozy and authentic surroundings serve great tasting coffees.

If in addition we accompany a sweet snack or savory, the break is not only a great time to chat and have fun, but a way to put something yummy in the tummy. Coffee is so important in our lives and is so integrated in them that no one finds it strange to take a break from work to take one. It’s a rare day that we do not enjoy a coffee: waking up, after eating or afternoon, if we have been with someone. We like to be with people and enjoy the good times that life offers in the company of people we love. In the moments when we are with others, it is not surprising that one of the favorite drinks is coffee.

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