Tips to save on Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming and with it the extra expenses, and this year despite the crisis each family will spend thousands of dollars on gifts. If you are someone this Christmas you have to tighten your belt, we’re going to give a few tips for spending less Specialty stores are the cheapest If we put an example of the Toys for children, always going to be cheaper, by Consumer Organization purchased in specialized.

Anyway, you should not leave shopping to the last minute but close to several places to compare prices. But if you are someone that you leave everything to the last minute and want to “risk”, you can find real bargains, yes; provided you do not go to buy the Corporate Gift Items that everyone wants this Christmas. If it’s a gift you can invite complimentary breakfast or a beer, sure appreciate it more. If you do not know what to give when it’s something important … If it’s a major gift and do not know what to buy, gives vouchers nights hotel, hostels or something, are gifts that like always, one is good and often have special prices for packs of this type. It is not necessary to give a plasma television.


Video games are cheaper on the internet say that 22% of adolescents to ask for a game Reyes, and now those video games can be quite expensive, plus there will be people who want also the console. For these cases, the best option we recommend is the Internet.

Mobiles mean more expenses in the future Mobiles, cameras, tablets, ‘Smartphone’ star gifts this Christmas and also the most expensive. An alternative way to save is to buy second-hand stores, but people still do not trust this trend. Consider also that if you want to save, with this type of gifts you can not do if the Personalized Gifts is for a child, because you have to pay the bill each month. When you buy a product of this type is usually sign a permanent contract. Check the fine print well.

The penalties that apply if you break it you should not exceed the terminal market price less the fees you’ve already paid. Discounts, special rates … Take advantage of discounts. Make use of coupon offers or discount cards offered by some brands. Redial is not advisable to buy compulsively throw just because an item is on sale. Avoid Credit Card Pay cash. The use of credit card allows very badly exact tally of expenses unless the person is constantly querying the account movements which means that paying with cash is a good way to control what is spending is not exceeded and to limit the costs of Christmas.


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