Coffee: Drink 5 Cups a Day Promotes Weight Gain

The debate on the benefits and harms of coffee on health rages. But a new Australian study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry did this time tipping the scales in favor of those who criticize the famous drink. The report provides in effect that excess caffeine – when five cups of coffee a day – could promote the risk of diabetes, but also overweight or obese.

Australian researchers therefore call into question previous studies ensuring that the polyphenol substance found in coffee, benefits cells, including increased insulin sensitivity, but also limiting hypertension and reducing the accumulation of fat.


Scientists explain and past a certain threshold, the benefits of polyphenol are no longer feeling and even reversed. Vance Matthews, co- author of the study and researcher at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, which provides that “the health effect of coffee depends on the dose consumed. Up to three to four cups a day, it still retains this side protector against cardiovascular disease and diabetes, “therefore warns against over-consumption of the beverage.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers tested the effect of coffee on mice and realized that when the rodents consumed the equivalent of five to six Coffee Mugs, they stored the fat more easily and came less easily to regulate insulin in the blood.


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