What Is the Right Size Mug?

In this article on tips you talk about what are the right size mug for cafe and some tips that will serve to determine which the ideal size is.

The espresso looks really nice small 3-ounce mugs that have thick walls to keep warm.

The cappuccino mug is 6-7 ounces, several mugs models for this type of coffee.

The cafe latte, hot chocolate American and go great in a mug a little rounder and maybe a little bigger than the Coffee Mugs of cappuccino.


The question that many people ask is whether they should offer large sizes of coffee, or regular. This depends entirely on your choice, it is advisable to offer traditional sizes that make coffee taste better, and usually the right size is 6 to 8 oz.

You can always offer a larger size, however, it is recommended not to abuse in size. A specialty coffee flavor is not quantity, and the question is how, for that reason, the barista is a great tool to make quality coffee; there are currently variety of barista courses   that help acquire that skill.

When you try to choose sizes , is that they are small, so you can produce better flavor and the client is not going to feel too full to finish the coffee. Large vessels or large quantities are not always good, it is better to serve two regular coffees big one.

Providing quality products is always good, but how do you know that offer quality products? Let’s face it; many people will not say anything, either good or bad.

However, the best way to tell is probably through some kind of feedback system. Find a way for customers to provide information anonymously, perhaps a mailbox, so you can provide your customer information card when you give your coffee and mention that appreciate some information.

If you’re trained on coffee and acquire more knowledge about barista and coffee, then I recommend you visit the page Coffee Experts, experts give you advice and training appropriate to their needs.

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