Few tips for buying things for Christmas

Compare prices. It’s best to make a shopping list, visit several shops and take note of the prices. There is a wide range of prices between different brands and can achieve considerable savings.

To prevent the rise in food prices we can advance purchases and freeze. Prices increase almost constantly since mid-November and the rise is accelerated after the bridge of the Constitution.

Read the labels of foods carefully. Look at the list of ingredients and nutritional information. “Sugar” does not mean “calorie” and sometimes very similar in composition puden products have very different prices.

Study offers. In recent months cheapest “luxury” products appear. Beware! The low price does not respond to great deals but they are products of different origin. This is the case of Japanese oysters or Moroccan pecebes, cheaper versions of luxury foods.

We can make homemade Corporate Gift Items. With imagination and we make time for ourselves made ​​gifts like wooden box, jewellery box, decorative cups etc.


All family members can collaborate and agree to share costs. The dinners and lunches each can contribute something: fittings, drinks, desserts, etc…

Give sharing expenses . For example, several family members can agree to make the smallest common Personalized Gifts of the house or play games such as ‘Secret Santa’ where a single gift to the person in which we randomly ago and agreed to limit spending.

Go out and have fun can be cheap. Board games, karaoke at home, walks or a picnic in the bush or the beach can be a fun and inexpensive way to share with friends or family choice.

With imagination and desire we can make our own Christmas ornaments. How? Old balls lining fabrics with new wires close with bags of bread, going gold or silver leaves, pine cones, twigs or cookies or making shapes with wires, ribbons or fabrics.


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