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Coffee fans spoiled for choice: coffee maker or coffee machine?

Who wants to enjoy his coffee to the fullest, who knows the importance of its preparation? These coffee fans have a choice between conventional coffee maker and sophisticated coffee machines. Besides, there are also still the possibilities to brew coffee with a filter fresh or to use a pad machine. With so many options to choose for the right way of preparation is not always easy. There could be a coffee machine test to help you.

Coffee machines and their benefits

Who sometimes only drinks coffee at home, the best advice usually with a coffee maker? It is cheap to buy and maintain, since this ground coffee at the grocery store or a retail store can be purchased and used. However, a coffee maker prepares to only regular coffee and can no other coffee specialties produce, as it is possible with a fully automatic coffee machine or a coffee pod machine. With the conventional coffee but large amounts of coffee are cooked within a short time, which is important especially at parties and coffee rounds with friends. To enhance the enjoyment of coffee from a coffee maker yet, the coffee beans are freshly ground before cooking in a coffee mill. Thus, the flavor is more intense.


Benefits of fully automatic coffee machines

Frequently, coffee machines as a luxury item referred to. They are all-rounder and put next to a simple coffee and various coffee specialties such as latte macchiato, cappuccino or espresso ago. In a fully automatic coffee whole coffee beans are loaded, freshly milled before brewing the coffee. In a special container is also poured desired milk. It is, for example, for Latte Macchiato with the traditional milk froth required. In maintenance are fully automatic coffee machines barely more expensive than a coffee maker in the purchase of the purchase price falls, however, much higher. Who much coffee or various types of coffee drinks regularly, for a purchase worthwhile, however, definitely. The significantly more intense taste of the coffee convinced every passionate coffee drinker after the first sip. As a guideline, if it’s worth buying a fully automatic coffee machine, three Coffee Mugs consumption per day.

A Conclusion

For drinker of coffee beans is the purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine calculation does not make sense and a coffee maker the better alternative. But who wants to enjoy his coffee at home every day, which takes place in a fully automatic coffee machine a good investment in the coffee.

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5 Rules to Set the Table

1 – Tablecloths

These must be perfectly clean both the table and the individual. The table covers should hang 10 to 15 inches for informal occasions, and between 20 and 25 cm for formal. Placemats that will define the space each person to eat. Be sure to give at least 50 cm each covered.

2 – Napkins

For formal occasions recommended that measure more than 50 inches square, folded and placed on the plate or in the cup, to taste. They can also be rolled to the left, next to the fork.

3 – Dishes

The arrangement of these depends largely on what you are going to serve. If no soup or salad, no need to put the dish they deserve. The first thing is to place the base plate, which will be the main course with garnish or not. You must put it right in the middle. You can put the soup, as this is removed when you finish eating. At the left side go salad plate, fork and can put up a dish pan. On the right side, go dish for coffee or tea.


 4 – The glasses and cups

This also depends on what you’re serving. If you will not provide alcoholic beverages or coffee, no need to put glasses or Coffee Mugs. They always go on the right side, above the knives. The water goes to the far left, followed by the glass for juice (for breakfast) and glass of wine, or liquor to go to eat. Make sure that if there are several drinks, for example one for food and another for toast, two cups are different so the flavors do not mix.

5 – Covered

These must be separated from the edge of the table at least 3 cm. The knives are always right and forks to the left. If soup spoon should go to the right of the knife. Covered for dessert goes up, the holder pointing to the right and above it the spoon facing left.

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Secrets of the Coffee House

The secret of a good mix

Recommended by the experts Coffee House dosage is about 45g of coffee per liter of water, a teaspoon more or less curved, depending on the desired strength of your coffee. Little More: For 6 cups prepared in an electric coffee maker, add a spoonful of coffee and more “for the coffee.” Beyond 6 Coffee Mugs, it is no longer necessary to add that extra dose; contact time between the water and the coffee is naturally longer and increases the strength of the coffee. And you, how to measure out- you?

The secret of good water

Water makes up about 98% of our coffee, quality is important. Allow your sink faucet about 30 seconds before filling your coffee so that water is the most oxygen possible. Water should be as fresh and pure as possible, or too much chlorine or too limestone. If your tap water does not meet these criteria, you should choose a natural mineral water or spring water. However, avoid using too much mineral water that would alter the taste of your coffee. The water in your coffee should not be boiling but “trembling” at the time of preparation. Go under cool water filter paper, placed in the filter of your coffee maker, to further enhance the aromatic quality of your product. And you, how do you prepare?


The secret of a good service

No true coffee lovers not leave propose a heated or left too long on the hot plate of the coffee maker. Coffee should indeed be used as quickly as possible (ideally half an hour after preparation) under penalty of too much loss of precious aromas. Experts and real connoisseurs often drink their coffee without sugar in order to ‘appreciate all the aromatic subtlety. Temperature of the cup is also important. You can preheat your cups by putting them on top of your coffee. Avoid metal cups or silver, which can give a strange taste in coffee. Ideally, use a cup stoneware, earthenware or porcelain. Finally, to provide a quality coffee, do not forget to homogenize your coffee in the carafe stirring gently before serving. By mixing your coffee and you’ll avoid having differences in intensity and aroma between the first and last cups made. And you, how do you serve?

The secret of a good conservation

Keep you’re started in a sealed box with its original sealed packaging package. A box of plastic which does not alter the taste of the coffee is great. Place it in the refrigerator then: He can keep a maximum of aromas for 2 to 3 weeks. And you, how do you keep?

The last secret of a good coffee

To prepare an espresso, make sure to choose a cup with a small diameter. This will allow the cream to better train and take longer. For coffee plungers, do not forget to choose a coffee with a fairly coarse grind to avoid having too much coffee in your cup. The coffee must be kept clean. To clean, avoid using household products that introduce foreign tastes with flavors of your coffee. And now that you have become an expert with the secrets of Coffee House, enjoy your coffee without waiting!

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How much coffee should toss in a cup of water?

Coffee aficionados enjoy their morning cup, but the steps they take to prepare make the difference between a cup of quality and it tastes like mud. When mixed, the exact combination of coffee and water will dictate the flavor of the final product. The ratio of coffee and water is vital to create the perfect Coffee Mug.


The cold water that is not distilled and the key are to make the best coffee. Distilled water will not have that coffee taste and tap water can add unwanted flavors to your coffee. Each serving of coffee requires water 6 ounces (170 milliliters). Select coffee beans of good quality. Stores the beans in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dark place. Grind the coffee before brewing. Grind coffee beans forming thick for a French coffee grinds grains forming the same amount for a coffee machine medium.


Automatic Coffee Maker

Pour 6 ounces (170 milliliters) of cold water in the tank portion of water from the coffee maker. Add two teaspoons of coffee beans in medium filter paper or filter disposable. Turn the pot and the container will automatically fill with coffee.

French Coffee

Pour boiling water into a French coffee and let stand for 10 minutes to preheat the container. Boot the water used to preheat. Boil water 6 ounces (170 milliliters) per serving and let the water sit for two minutes to cool slightly. Add two teaspoons of coarsely ground coffee in the coffee for every 6 ounces of water. Pouring water onto coffee beans, stir and cover with the lid holding the plunger in the upper position. Let the coffee sit for four minutes. Slowly push the plunger coffee beans. Pour the coffee in the coffee nozzle French. Coffee beans will be caught below the piston.

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What Is the Right Size Mug?

In this article on tips you talk about what are the right size mug for cafe and some tips that will serve to determine which the ideal size is.

The espresso looks really nice small 3-ounce mugs that have thick walls to keep warm.

The cappuccino mug is 6-7 ounces, several mugs models for this type of coffee.

The cafe latte, hot chocolate American and go great in a mug a little rounder and maybe a little bigger than the Coffee Mugs of cappuccino.


The question that many people ask is whether they should offer large sizes of coffee, or regular. This depends entirely on your choice, it is advisable to offer traditional sizes that make coffee taste better, and usually the right size is 6 to 8 oz.

You can always offer a larger size, however, it is recommended not to abuse in size. A specialty coffee flavor is not quantity, and the question is how, for that reason, the barista is a great tool to make quality coffee; there are currently variety of barista courses   that help acquire that skill.

When you try to choose sizes , is that they are small, so you can produce better flavor and the client is not going to feel too full to finish the coffee. Large vessels or large quantities are not always good, it is better to serve two regular coffees big one.

Providing quality products is always good, but how do you know that offer quality products? Let’s face it; many people will not say anything, either good or bad.

However, the best way to tell is probably through some kind of feedback system. Find a way for customers to provide information anonymously, perhaps a mailbox, so you can provide your customer information card when you give your coffee and mention that appreciate some information.

If you’re trained on coffee and acquire more knowledge about barista and coffee, then I recommend you visit the page Coffee Experts, experts give you advice and training appropriate to their needs.

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Coffee: Drink 5 Cups a Day Promotes Weight Gain

The debate on the benefits and harms of coffee on health rages. But a new Australian study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry did this time tipping the scales in favor of those who criticize the famous drink. The report provides in effect that excess caffeine – when five cups of coffee a day – could promote the risk of diabetes, but also overweight or obese.

Australian researchers therefore call into question previous studies ensuring that the polyphenol substance found in coffee, benefits cells, including increased insulin sensitivity, but also limiting hypertension and reducing the accumulation of fat.


Scientists explain and past a certain threshold, the benefits of polyphenol are no longer feeling and even reversed. Vance Matthews, co- author of the study and researcher at the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, which provides that “the health effect of coffee depends on the dose consumed. Up to three to four cups a day, it still retains this side protector against cardiovascular disease and diabetes, “therefore warns against over-consumption of the beverage.

To arrive at these conclusions, the researchers tested the effect of coffee on mice and realized that when the rodents consumed the equivalent of five to six Coffee Mugs, they stored the fat more easily and came less easily to regulate insulin in the blood.

Buy Kitchen Accessories Online

Avoid poor quality

You can not buy more than indefinitely kitchen accessories that happen to be of poor quality and because most of the utensils and kitchen items sold in supermarkets is poor.

It is easy to find on the internet all kinds of professional quality products like Coffee Mugs, Soup Bowls, Dry Fruit Tray etc. that will last for years or even for some, a lifetime.

Caution still carefully select your merchant sites, because if you are moving at very low prices resellers discount kitchen objects, you must also change regularly.

How to choose the right cookware

Trust the serious sites offering recognized by industry professionals so that your purchases are effective brands.

Certainly the higher purchase cost may at first seem insurmountable, but in the long run, your purchases will prove less costly.

Make a simple calculation between a utensil poor quality that you will buy more time in your life and the price of a quality cookware that will last several years.

Feel free to be you so, over time, a variety of kitchen tools that will better, in time, the best investment.

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Coffee is an important part of our lives. Many of the meetings between friends, family or work colleagues have a Coffee Mugs as an excuse. It can be taken hot or cold, in small doses or long glasses. One attraction of coffee is that there’s something for everyone, so it is very easy to have always near.

Some ask for black coffee, others prefer cut or with a little milk. The gourmands prefer the style chocolate, condensed milk or syrups of different flavors. If the heat is, are the delicious varieties of iced coffee or iced. If it’s winter, there’s always one who clings to his coffee, waiting not only enjoy the taste and aroma, but also heat from. In other countries, the coffee culture is not much different than the one we live daily. However, some have adopted names for coffee or ‘coffee’ brought from another culture. The Americans or the British, for example, rarely ask a simple “black coffee”. To them, coffee has only one name: espresso. The more daring opt for the ristretto, which is taken half an espresso. That is, pump caffeine, which is the strongest part of the coffee and ensures you have the batteries charged all day. This habit of asking the Italian coffee is also becoming popular. We are increasingly adherents to savor a cappuccino instead ordered a latte. As the saying goes: to each her ​​own.


The coffee is always a good excuse to make a break

There are many good reasons to enjoy a good coffee. One of the most attractive is take advantage of the coffee break or coffee break, to have a fun and good company, ideally in cozy and authentic surroundings serve great tasting coffees.

If in addition we accompany a sweet snack or savory, the break is not only a great time to chat and have fun, but a way to put something yummy in the tummy. Coffee is so important in our lives and is so integrated in them that no one finds it strange to take a break from work to take one. It’s a rare day that we do not enjoy a coffee: waking up, after eating or afternoon, if we have been with someone. We like to be with people and enjoy the good times that life offers in the company of people we love. In the moments when we are with others, it is not surprising that one of the favorite drinks is coffee.

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The Importance of Coffee Cupping

On one occasion I met a coffee farmer friend of mine, who came to negotiate their coffee with a locally exporter, had just completed a negotiation is not very satisfying for him, as his coffee, harvested and processed well, had been valued the same obviously bad form another trial for his dirty appearance and its bad smell, These terms are used by the producer to assess it your coffee, appearance, odor and color, but what about the taste?

I have assured my friend that the Coffee Mugs had a top quality cleaning and selection. My question to him was in. That sense, but you know the quality of your coffee cup? The answer was no.

For decades they have been denied the right coffee producers of knowledge in relation to sensory evaluation of product quality, limited this right to the exporter and buyer. The producer Creates wealth, but poverty Administered, Often due to ignorance of the quality it produces.


When you know the virtues or defects of the product is a complete, correct perspective and a clear path to commercialization.

Knowledge is power, Therefore, it is Necessary that the producer has the knowledge at your fingertips knowledge- what do I mean?? The producer must know two basic things: the quality of Their Own coffee and quality That Consumers want.

This knowledge is not limited to the local market works -internationally as well. Any company that is geared to the marketing of coffee should be clear that the sensory evaluation of the product, Known as cupping, is vital for success. Any negotiation of coffee starts with a sample type. This exhibition is the letter of the company, cooperative or producer himself speaks better than a thousand words, is to awaken the interest of the buyer.

In the coffee cupping EVALUATED the intensity and quality of the Attributes That make the drink , aroma , body , acidity , flavor and taste persistence or end , and These are related to crop height over sea level , climatic factors , management of the plantation , botanical species and variety , soil type and type of process . These attributes are rated on numerical scales adjectives while described by illustrating their qualities or deficiencies, Malthus Obtaining CUP PROFILE.

To do this, prepare a portion of the sample and proceeds to taste it in the cup. Placed 14 grams of roast and ground coffee in an infusion of 150 ml of water for 3 minutes, without adding sugar, testing the contents with a spoon. To know the quality of our product we make an objective assessment of it, therefore, it is Necessary to have the equipment, logistics and protocol suitable for this purpose. All this we can gather in one place to call cupping lab.

Currently, the cupping lab is the essential ingredient for the successful producer in the coffee business. It is the laboratory where important decisions are taken. The coffee evaluator, who is called the taster, Should translate into a report, physical characteristics, and coffee roasting, the product analyzed.

A producer is entitled to receive a written report describing that the Characteristics of your coffee and taster Commitment educate producers on the art of tasting and the best techniques and quality control processing.

By knowing the profile of our coffee cup will we know that we can direct market for higher profits.

Coffee consumption in the world is related to the tastes and preferences of the market. In short, are the qualities revealed in the coffee cup and subjected to gustatory and olfactory senses, que decided the quality and value of coffee. Buyers request a sample for inspection and the quality fully meets Verify Their Requirements and determines the price.

From the above we can Conclude That There is interdependence between the product price and quality. DESPITE market volatility and the changes it Brings, product quality is always the most powerful tool for negotiating prices and Differentials and HENCE The Importance of knowing the quality of coffee we produce.

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The Importance of Coffee with Friends

On the benefits of coffee have written extensively. Although for years the poor coffee Accused be harmful to health , a community of scientists , medical professionals and the people Themselves came to the defense of the maligned superhero That makes possible all our tomorrows . That was found coffee in moderation is not only good to start the day, but a very strong ally against heart disease. People who drink one to three coffees in Coffee Mugs are less likely to suffer a heart attack, thanks to special antioxidants in coffee beans.

These are the same antioxidants help That Regulate the sensitivity of our cells to insulin , que Helps balance blood sugar and controlling diabetes. In Addition, it is recommended to reduce the risk of depression , agility Improve brain and help Prevent some types of cancer , : such as prostate cancer , skin cancer and breasts . Why drink coffee with our friends always necessary? But beyond the immediate benefits, coffee is Necessary in a much more essential.


Out for coffee with our friends Soul gives us a sense of well being and relaxation you need to lead a full life. This is an exercise that many forget to practice with of life, the routine of work and Obligations. As social beings , humans must learn to Establish and Maintain healthy relationships staff Maintain That help us our emotional balance and strength even in the Most Difficult Times . The relationships between friends, give us a break or very different support we provide our partners or family. Moreover, something special happens When We drink coffee with friends where we begin to open up more and to reflect on the history and the future of our lives. We Exchanged views and we advise each other. It’s the perfect opportunity to grow, help and be on our way with renewed vigor.

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