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Buy your Christmas presents without getting full of debts

Christmas is coming, and even though you’re super red, definitely will not pass on family celebrations without distributing some goodies. If your situation is more complicated than usual, already thinking about this subject should awaken that little headache for concern.

So you do not finish the year with a huge debt and not knowing what to do to start paying your bills, worth some tips for a cheaper Christmas!


Before you go shopping, think of all the people you should meet at family gatherings and list those you intend to gift. That done, stipulating a maximum amount you want to spend on each gift. That way you’ve left home knowing how much you will spend. If the account is higher than you expected, reassess the established values ​​and reduce the value of the gifts.


If you need to give children, ideally prioritize higher values ​​for them, considering that the toys are usually the ones that weigh in the final bill of gifts. For adults – who are old enough to understand the financial straits of life maturity – try to buy souvenirs. But inexpensive Personalized Gifts that match the profile of the person may appeal more than others that would cost a fortune. Opt for souvenirs also allow you to pay in cash and avoid compromise with more debt next year.


No need to even talk how annoying are those corridors of shopping districts and shopping malls crowded with people, the grip to switch to bags, unbearable to the path of return (off trouble finding parking!) And transit to make matters worse, the rainy weather.

To get rid of this journey, many people end up making purchases hastily and spending more than you should. This year, try buying your gifts with more advances, so you reduce the wear and can find prices and products more calmly.

Also search the internet; you can get good prices and even some deals that discount the price of shipping. Also remember to do this research in advance in order that the order may take a little longer to arrive at your home.

Be objective. Have your gift list in hand, how much you want to spend on each person and the target does not get a huge debt in light of the parties. Remember that Corporate Gift Items are only part of the cost of end of year, still have Supper, traveling, new year’s eve … If you have small children or teenagers super shoppers, it is best that they stay home at the time of purchase!