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Is getting married in the winter and do not know what to serve? See our tips!

We set up a very special menu for you who are getting married in the winter. The dishes and hot spices are ideal for low temperatures. And to not miss the party worth betting on that tip.

Some basic items are well-aimed to warm the guests, like pasta, risottos and fondues. In order to make the menu more hot, red meats are the most suitable. Because they have higher protein and fat make the digestion is longer while maintaining the heated body longer. The more spicy preparations also provide a feeling of warmth.

Of all the dishes, in a Soup Bowls the soup is undoubtedly the one that causes affection and warmth. The islands are very frequent in the morning, a space that offers some sort of reinforcement who drank, danced and did not eat much. The tip is broths and soups of various kinds. These islands can also be part of the input, both as soups and fondue cheeses.


Time to discard some of the menu items, avoid dishes served cold or icy, like salads in general (choose only one type).

Alcoholic beverages are reputed to warm the body. If the drinks menu has chosen drinks that have ice, it is best to invest in those produced with strong drinks like whiskey or tequila. Are also welcome to warm up drinks that take pepper in their preparation. It is not necessary to discard the beer, because even in the winter, a few beers fall well to be more full-bodied, like the Belgians and the Dutch.

To help further warming party, a tasting of aged beverages, which are stronger, as brandy, rum quality can be offered. And of course, the classic red wine, white wine and champagne may continue on the menu.

At dessert time, mix chocolate, oilseeds and alcohol are the most fit the season. The winter of more desire to eat chocolate because fat sweet heat up more. Walnuts and chestnuts are the most recommended, because perform this function in a healthy way, by having fat as well. Moreover, with sweet alcoholic drinks are strong and hot.

And on the table, the suggestion is the fondue, but this time, chocolate with fruit. In addition to warm and practical, can stay on an island in the morning next to the salty combinations. Crepes, pastries and hot chocolate or soup of red fruits are also great options.

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How to Serve Soup

Serve and eat the soup properly can become an ordeal for those who know some small good education standards. We present all the rules for that mistake ever when making soup.

The soup can be served in two ways:

– When served together, put in a tureen and

– When a person is served individually, served in a Soup Bowls, bowl or bowl. This also serves on families, especially for children and unwell people.

When we go to serve several people, we will put the soup in a tureen that each diner will be served.

As to how to eat soup should be taken slowly with spoon. Never lift the bowl or plate to finish until the end. Not to mention quietly sipping the broth…


We must take the soup slowly, with no sign of being ‘starved’. You have to eat once everything is in the spoon and just return it to the dish. For this does not fill the bucket too so we will not be forced to greatly open your mouth or take twice. In addition we could splash the tablecloth, other diners, finally, slowly.

Incline your body just a little to make the soup but only slightly. No way, we agacharemos to the plate or we will draw too much tongue. All discreetly and with good body but not overly stretched.

If it is very hot, do not blow a soup, spod wait to make you more warm, Removing soft and discreetly.

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Special Recipes for Soups, a Starter Very Nutritious

The soups at this time of year are very desirable, and by combining multiple ingredients, they become a very nutritious starter and especially recommended for children.

When preparing a soup, you can use many more food than usually thought. The general rule is that the greater the variety of vegetation present, the greater the amount and type of nutrients in it.

The soup, a recipe that satisfies

The soups in a Soup Bowls are comforting option to start a lunch or dinner and also make an important satiety. Additionally containing water and fiber components vegetable soups satiety capacity should the temperature that serves as the hot “fill” rather than cold. Therefore, if one takes into account the power of satiety and low calorie of this dish when their only ingredients are vegetables, it follows that the soups are a good choice for children with childhood obesity, to which the pediatrician advised weight control diet.


Soups with very healthy ingredients

To prepare a rich vegetable soup, plus ingredients like onion, garlic, potatoes or leeks, there are many others that can give an original touch to the dish, besides providing different nutrients.

For example, if using tomatoes, carrots, beets, squash, or even beets , besides getting to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals present in the soup , you get also that it becomes varied and striking colors that will make it more palatable, something that can be useful in offering it to the smallest of the house.

It is also possible to replace the popular noodles for a little brown rice or semolina. So you get different soups and get vary the menu making it less monotonous and more balanced. When using these ingredients, soups become rich dishes carbohydrates, the main source of energy for the body. The same goes if you add to the soup legume.

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A Style for Every Family

Among the types of dishes are the dinner plates that are well suited for serving food daily, they have to cut meats, pizzas, cakes, and all food is solid. Then we have the bowls, which is the commonly used to make soups, or foods with a lot of juice or sauces, stews caldudos or any other style of food, you have to eat with a spoon. We also find the dessert plates, which are generally to serve lots of cakes, or any other dessert that is solid too, the special feature of these types of dishes to desserts, is that they are smaller in diameter compared to other food dishes. Then there are the coffee saucers, which come with matching Coffee Mugs, which are the above supports them, these are the youngest of all the above.


To complete a kitchen dishes, they can also be complete with dishes that combine broth with corresponding bowls. Moreover we can find within the types of dishes, covering the metallic silver, alpaca and others that are very stylish as well, including porcelain. There are dishes for bread, which are also other dishes that are very honored at a well-set table, with all the vessels standing with all dishes, cups, napkin rings, etc.., everything that is used to mounting a thin and elegant table. It also can be seen in many places thin tables label, place another type of dish called on plate.

This is rather shallow and placed under shallow dish where the main meal is served and above this one, go deep, if you are going to serve a soup in a Soup Bowls or cream or something that requires it. But not placed deep. This low dish is meant to serve as a base to the table decoration, there are these types of dishes are some that are very stylish and are usually plain or decorated with flowers or drawings diverse but appropriate for the occasion.


In addition to the dishes mentioned before, there are still different types of dishes; you can continue to put on the table to eat. These are: plate or tray butter dish for the knife with which to spread butter on bread (this is placed under the butter dish), fish plate, and salad plate (this is placed when put the dish that will accompany, and always on the left side).

Buy Kitchen Accessories Online

Avoid poor quality

You can not buy more than indefinitely kitchen accessories that happen to be of poor quality and because most of the utensils and kitchen items sold in supermarkets is poor.

It is easy to find on the internet all kinds of professional quality products like Coffee Mugs, Soup Bowls, Dry Fruit Tray etc. that will last for years or even for some, a lifetime.

Caution still carefully select your merchant sites, because if you are moving at very low prices resellers discount kitchen objects, you must also change regularly.

How to choose the right cookware

Trust the serious sites offering recognized by industry professionals so that your purchases are effective brands.

Certainly the higher purchase cost may at first seem insurmountable, but in the long run, your purchases will prove less costly.

Make a simple calculation between a utensil poor quality that you will buy more time in your life and the price of a quality cookware that will last several years.

Feel free to be you so, over time, a variety of kitchen tools that will better, in time, the best investment.

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Ideas for Serving Soups

It is customary to serve soups or creams at the beginning of the meal. This varies by country. In China, for example, are served at the end to speed up the digestive process when Queen Victoria took them before breakfast.

When it comes to serving soups or soups, those that have few vegetables, it’s best to serve them in large mugs with two handles. It has the same capacity as a soup bowl with a most original presentation.

The thick soups can be served in Soup Bowls or soup plates. In contrast, cold soups should be served in cups.


Soups should be in soup before serving. It is pleasing to the eye and prevents the back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. It also allows others to serve the amount they want.

On special occasions can be made very original presentations as using pumpkin and melon empty. This, when soups are a fruit.

One must know what type of soup pick in relation to the rest of the menu. For example, a soup dishes must enter a number, because it is lightweight and can serve as appetite stimulation.

The thick soups or seafood entrees if they can be since they contain more vegetables or ingredients and are usually heavier stomach.

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Keeping Your Home Cooked

All the dishes we cook at home are likely stored in the refrigerator if it is at the right temperature, 2nd or 3rd in its coldest and continue a correct technique.

If the dish is delicate and more perishable last less and must be before consuming it, whereas if it lasts considerably tougher.

Knowing preserve, much simplify our lives to be able to cook several servings at once, and this is the only solution to have lunch or dinner at home, know what we eat, the fat and the guy who takes, and how it was handled and cooked.

Many may not care to learn much more comfortable because they are always eating out, whatever it is, and the industry either. But if you want to keep you in the correct weight and not get fat , eating on the street will be very difficult, unless limitéis a salad dressed by yourself when you serve it as a fish or grilled meat with trimmings “no dangerous. “


Even this grilled food can sit badly because the oil used is not right, because even if our wonderful virgin olive oil has been heated to a temperature too high and started to polymerize, or because the iron that day has been used a lot and there are remains and greasy scorched. And fittings, whether or not chips, can be sautéed or grilled vegetables, cooked with too much oil.

However, there are already certain restaurants that offer low calorie menus, even specifying the same, something very commendable and worthy of copying.

Suppose we make several servings of a dish, lentils, and beans, stew … so they can be taken later and have a proper assortment of Tupperware, of which we’ll discuss in another post and a good fridge or freezer.

How should we handle them for several days when stored in perfect condition?

1. As the pot super fast, and today one can not imagine a modern kitchen without it being opened because its valve or pressure regulator has fallen by its own weight, never forcing, we will open the pot and see that inside the food is still cooking.

2. We will have already chosen a round preferably with adequate capacity, i.e. with room for two servings e.g. if two people always eat.

3. With a ladle or a kitchen ladle will draw these two portions that we will retain and capsize as is, boiling which must be completely filled, covering it immediately. Then the cap will rise slightly first, or if you bring your tongue to expel the small amount of air that has been inside with what we practically a vacuum.


4. Take this to a window, terrace, balcony or garden that is cool. If it is hot because it’s summer put it in ice water to cool more quickly because food or must be heated several times and must remain hot for a long time.

5. As this is at room temperature keep in the fridge in the coldest area, 2nd or 3rd as is, without opening it . If the refrigerator remains at that temperature almost constant, because it is not continuously opening the food remain intact with all its properties and depending on their content of sensitivity will keep 2 or 3 days or over a week.

will see that with cold lid sags a little in the center, i.e. acquires a concave shape , which indicates precisely that inside has become a kind of vacuum.

6. When will be eating out of the fridge, pour it into two dishes that are to be put on the table because they are two servings, cover each dish with a glass lid if it has the same diameter or higher, or with a Soup Bowls of the same size but reversed, but is rather uncomfortable, and heat 4 to 5 minutes in a microwave always a small power, 300 or 350 watts.

If after that time the dish is not hot in the center, putting his hand under, heat back to the same power 1 to 2 minutes.

7. If you have a hurry and want to run and what calentáis at full power, the outcome will not like it and go on “hating” the microwave. Food will know recalentad to, whereas if you do it correctly will be “regenerated food” as the French say.

If you follow all these steps, one after another, not to skip even one without stand between them, your dishes may duraros more than 8 days in perfect condition.

If for any reason you spare a portion of it is, do not let it roll on the table or in the kitchen for several hours, or even one. Keep it in the fridge and try to consume as soon as possible because they do not offer the same guarantees that if the packaging hubierais just after cooking, as I have explained.

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Casual Dinnerware Sets

A dinnerware collection is a crockery or consisting of a variety of dishes used in serving and eating food. Later historical cases, our ancestors made tableware products like stone, wood and animal skulls. Lately, we use components such as porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, glass, melamine, or acrylic. Disposable dishes are also made of the daily news, lightweight plastic and even Styrofoam. That said, these will not be appropriate for a nice dinner or other formal occasions. Disposable food sets are much more appropriate for a lot more informal occasions including picnics, barbeque or important events entertainment and informal group’s outdoors.

Dinnerware sets also come in many designs and different shades. Those bright colors or patterns are generally used hectic for casual occasions, while simple sophisticated dishes, however, are much more acceptable for additional formal occasions.


There are various types of dishes that make casual dinnerware organized:

Dishes: They are concave, wide, but mostly flat boats to serve the main food. Sizes oriented plates unique to different targets: among others are bread plates, salad plates, and serving dishes. A dish is usually a larger model of a plate, and can be used normally to serve as a vegetable in most of a number of people today. A formal dinnerware arranged usually include basic dishes and ornate, but the plates and dishes usually characteristic but casual simple design uses bold colors.

Bowls: Usually attributed shallow swing style, so commonly used to serve liquid food such as soup or stew. In Asian traditions such as China and Korea, in addition to serving Soup Bowls are also used to serve rice. Type’s largest plate as punch bowls and are usually made to serve several people.

Kettle, mugs / cups, and saucers: a set of equipment are used to make tea, coffee or other beverages sizzling. A glass of water contains hot tea or coffee prepared in the amount you serve in every man or a cup and saucer of women.

Tableware: In addition to the dishes mentioned, you will also find a number of tools used in conjunction with a set of dishes, including a collection of covered and an assortment of spoons, forks and knives, sugar bowl, cream, and gravy boat or sauce boat. Above all to the teapot and cups, sugar and cream is also sometimes used as tea or coffee gatherings. In addition to clay or ceramic, such goods are commonly served also made of silver. Salseras, on the other hand, are used to serve the sauce, which includes in particular food items, such as meat or roasts. To stop fat tablecloth sauce, a gravy boat is commonly served on a plate to match.

A casual dinnerware set is ideal for serving food for a casual occasion, the selection is plentiful and you can find sets for every budget shopping systems expenditure budgets can be bought cheaply while the major brands are spending much more. To avoid disappointment make sure you research what you need care.

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