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The Dirty streets, Empty Ashtrays

Cigarette butts bring the sweepers head is that much of the trash they collect on the streets belong to snuff waste. People are becoming more conscious about the importance of recycling waste. The paper, plastics, bricks are placed in the containers provided for this, but what to do with butts, most comfortable, throw street. This practice is more common since banned smoking in workplaces and public buildings. In most cases you do not enable smoking area and out into the street often, which leave their mark. The same applies to the beaches; it is very common to find cigarette butts in the sand and on the shore or in the water.

No town in the county has Ashtray Online for cigarette containers, with the exception of municipal buildings. All your cleaning managers complain about the lack of awareness of citizens and some are already taking action.


This is the case of Algeciras in which the new ordinances adopted on June 16 prohibiting throwing cigarette butts on the street, considering the practice a minor offense under Article 83 of that regulation. From cleaning area ensures that the fine provided you can go between 100 and 750 euros. Most people know these ordinances currently be read on the municipal website. However, the delegation led by Juan Lozano going to publish a book with the new rules for dissemination to groups and associations. The coach of the delegation, Martin Caballero, adds that not yet have been fine about it but police officers can implement them and because they are in force.

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